13 of the Best Dog Groomers in London, UK - Pooch & Harmony (2023)

13 of the Best Dog Groomers in London, UK - Pooch & Harmony (1)

Do you and your best friend live in the capital? If you’re looking for the best dog groomers in London, UK, the following list is especially for you.

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1. Bow Wow Dog Grooming

Bow Wow is an award-winning dog groomer located in Central London. Owned by Jason and Taro, they have a high-end grooming salon that provides a relaxing environment for dogs and their owners. The facilities are clean, modern, and safe for dogs. Each dog is handled by expert groomers who treat each dog like it’s their own. The welfare of the dogs is the priority of Bow Wow Dog Grooming.

Bow Wow Dog Grooming offers various services for clients to choose from. All of which are performed by extensively trained and experienced groomers. A full groom includes two washes with shampoo and conditioner, a cut and style, nail trimming, and ear cleaning. Alternatively, clients can purchase a wash and go which includes two washes, drying, nail clipping, and ear cleaning. All services are subject to the breed and coat condition, so a quote is required.

Reach out to Bow Wow Dog Grooming here to receive a quote or request a service.

2. Purplebone

Purplebone is a well-known dog groomer located in Notting Hill. It brands itself as London’s premiere grooming salon. The company employs an award-winning grooming staff meaning each dog receives the best grooming possible. Purplebone offers a safe, relaxing, and welcoming environment free of cages. Their staff can handle all temperaments and breeds of dogs.

Purplebone offers full grooming, bathing, wash & tidy, hand-stripping, teeth cleaning, and nail cutting. A full groom includes a deep clean, full-body haircut, all the necessary trimming, and cologne to leave the pups smelling fresh. All grooming services have prices listed for various sizes of dogs listed here.

Contact Purplebone here with any questions or reservation requests.

3. Foxy Groomers

Foxy Groomers is owned and operated by Sophie Foxton Ray, a qualified and expert dog groomer. Foxy Groomers is located in Crouch End and offers competition level dog grooming services. Sophie and her staff go above and beyond expectations to ensure each dog is comfortable and relaxed before any services are conducted.

Foxy Groomers offers a complete groom, puppy groom, bathing & drying, and hand-stripping. A complete groom includes a soothing bath and massage, fluff blow-dry, nail clipping, ear cleaning, hygiene trimming, pad clipping, and a styled cut and clip. Prices are subject to change, so clients must request a quote.

Contact Foxy Groomers here with any questions.

4. Pawfect Style Dog Grooming

Pawfect Style Dog Grooming is a dog spa located in West Drayton. The company employs a staff of dedicated, loving dog handlers that has more than 25 years of combined grooming experience. The company strives to provide an excellent grooming experience offered in a calm, relaxing environment. Because of this, they work by appointment only.

Pawfect Style Dog Grooming offers a full groom, bath & brush, bath & tidy, de-shedding groom, and a puppy groom. The full groom service includes a bath, blow-dry, sanitary trim, dead hair removal, nail clipping, ear cleaning, and a full cut and style. A price guide for the various services and sizes can be seen here.

Contact Pawfect Style Dog Grooming here.

5. Clipaway Dog Groomers

Clipaway Dog Groomers is a family-owned business that has been operating for over 15 years in East London. As a family business, they put extra effort into each client they service. Clipaway Dog Groomers has regular clients that due to the consistently quality grooms their pups receive. Clients rave about the groomer’s skill and the staff’s dog-handling quality.

Clipaway Dog Groomers offers various grooming services. Clients can purchase a full groom or various a la carte services like nail clipping. Their groomers have experience in handling all types of dogs and personalities, so all dogs are welcome. Clients must reach out to obtain a quote for their dog.

Contact Clipaway Dog Groomers here with any questions or requests.

6. Pet Universe Cat & Dog Grooming Salon

Established in 2005 by Svetlana Broussova, Pet Universe Cat & Dog Grooming has built a reputation of being one of the most professional grooming services in East London. Svetlana has more than 20 years of grooming experience. The rest of her staff are well-trained and experienced as well. They ensure all clients get excellent grooming services, and they take pride in their work.

With a stress-free environment, Pet Universe offers grooming services perfectly tailored to dogs. A full groom includes brushing, 2 baths, hand blow-dry, conditioning, flea bath, ear & eye cleaning, nail clipping, anal gland expression, a trim or cut to the client’s request, or breed standard, and cologne. Clients can also purchase additional services like massages, teeth brushing, nail polish, or coat coloring. Prices for a full groom are subject to change based on the dog, so a quote is needed.

Contact Pet Universe Cat & Dog Grooming Salon here with any questions.

7. Jessica’s Dog Grooming

Located in St. George’s Field, in Central London, Jessica’s Dog Grooming is a part of Medivet Hyde Park. Jessica is known to be one of the best groomers in London. She has over 20 years of grooming experience with all breeds of dogs. She is known to have excellent patience and skill in handling dogs. Clients attest to her abilities and reliability by consistently providing high-quality grooms.

Jessica offers a full-service groom that comes with a bath, massage, shampoo, conditioner, nail trimming, ear cleaning, anal gland expression, and a haircut to the client’s requested style or breed standard. There are further services that can be purchased like special shampoos and teeth brushing. Clients must ask for a quote to get pricing details.

Call Jessica’s Dog Grooming at 07779 177 196 to request a service.

8. La Maison des Chiens

Located near Finsbury Park and Highbury Fields, La Maison des Chiens is an upscale dog groomer that offers consistent and high-quality services. The company only has one dog groomer, David, so customers know they get the same quality of service each time they come in. David is qualified, certified, and even has a Pet First Aid qualification.

La Maison des Chiens offers various services, ranging from nail clipping to a full groom. A full groom includes a bath, specified groom, nail clipping, ear cleaning, and sanitary trimming. Prices change based on the breed and coat condition, so a quote is necessary.

Contact La Maison des Chiens here with any questions.

9. Short Bark & Sides

Short Bark & Sides is a family-owned and operated grooming service located in Worcester Park. The company has a staff of well-trained and experienced dog groomers. They are passionate and driven to offer the best services in the South London area. Short Bark & Sides has grown its company due to clients spreading the word of their excellence and high standards.

Short Bark & Sides offers various grooming packages including full-body styling, bath & blow-dry, bath, brush & tidy, hand-stripping, and nail treatment. A full-body styling service includes a bath, shampoo, hand fluff drying, nail clipping, ear cleaning, and a custom coat style. Clients must reach out to Short Bark & Sides to receive a quote for their desired grooming service as prices change based on each dog.

Contact Short Bark & Sides here.

10. Teddy Bear Dog Grooming

Teddy Bear Dog Grooming is in Uxbridge, in West London. The company offers professional services that make each dog feel special. Yvonne Chan is the senior dog groomer who has extensive experience in grooming and handling dogs. She’s worked with dogs in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and now the UK. Yvonne even offers various styles of cuts including The Smoothie Clip, Teddy Bear Clip, and a breed specific clip.

Teddy Bear Dog Grooming offers a mini groom, full groom, and various add-on services like flea bath treatment and de-matting. A full groom includes bathing, blow-drying, ear cleaning, paw pad trimming, and a full body cut. A full groom costs £40 for a toy-sized breed, £45 for a small breed, and £55 for a medium-sized breed.

Get in touch with Teddy Bear Dog Grooming here with any questions.

11. Goom Dog City

Groom Dog City is a professional groomer located in East London. Stuart Simmons is the head groomer who has extensive experience with dog grooming. He strives to educate clients on the necessity of consistent grooming for dogs, as it’s a part of good health. Groom Dog City’s staff is composed of true dog lovers. All that they do is for the benefit of the dog.

Groom Dog City offers full-service grooms, scissor cuts, shaving, hand-stripping, and baths. All services are conducted with proper care to ensure each dog is safe and comfortable throughout the process. Most grooms are done to breed standard styles. However, Groom Dog City does offer creative grooming that comes with coloring. All prices for dog breeds can be seen here.

Contact Groom Dog City here with any questions or requests.

12. D-O-G Grooming Studio

D-O-G Grooming Studio has a team of qualified, passionate dog groomers that have over 20 years of combined experience. The studio and staff hold themselves to high standards. They strive to give clients the best services possible while providing excellent care and safety to each dog. The staff regularly attends training and seminars to stay on top of the game.

Each grooming service includes natural products to give pets the best results. D-O-G Grooming Studio offers a full groom, full groom, with hand-stripping, bath & brush out, nail clipping, teeth cleaning, de-matting, and basic wash and go. Prices are subject to change, but a full groom starts at £55.

Reach out to D-O-G Grooming Studio here with any questions.

13. Pet Pavillion

Pet Pavilion is a boutique dog groomer with a Central London location in Chelsea. Pet Pavilion has been family-owned and operated since 1995. The family has luxury salons providing an inviting environment built to be stress-free for dogs. With highly-trained groomers, dogs are sure to enjoy their experience. Pet Pavilion’s experience has given them the knowledge and expertise in delivering exceptional grooming results with unparalleled customer service.

Pet Pavilion offers a full-service groom, bath & tidy, and additional grooming services that can be purchased. A full groom includes a bath with natural shampoo, ear & eye cleaning, nail trimming, brushing & de-tangling, anal gland expression, a custom coat styling & cut, and finishing cologne. Prices change based on the dog and its condition. Clients must reach out to the store for a quote.

All locations can be viewed here, and the Chelsea location can be contacted here.

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