8 Paws-itively Brilliant Dog Cafes in London for Pugs and Snugs (2023)

Looking for the best dog cafes in London? These are all the best places to take your furry friend for treats, pampering and lots of belly rubs.

Whether you’re a dog owner or just a dog lover, these dog cafes are the best hangout spots to fuss over cute pooches. Bring your pup to one of these stylish dog cafes and meet other dog owners and lots of furry friends.

These dog cafes have everything from pet grooming services and doggy daycare to treats and puppuccinos – there’s even a pug cafe with five resident pugs and a ball pit (we love London).

Read on to discover the top dog cafes in London…

London’s Cutest Dog Cafes

Pawsitive Cafe

Notting Hill

Let’s get things straight: Pawsitive Cafe is the best dog cafe in London and you absolutely need to visit. With a focus on mental health and animals, Pawsitive Cafe has created a tranquil environment for both you and your furry friend.

Pawsitive is a mindful and therapeutic cafe to unwind and hang out with dogs, it welcomes all hoomans and their dogs or dogless hoomans who just want to doggy de-stress surrounded by woofers, floofers and pupperinos.

There’s no luxurys spared too, order the likes of Nasi Lemak and Katsu Chicken from the human menu and a delicious home cooked meal served on a plate for your four-legged friend.



This one’s for the pug fanatics – Cuppapug is a pug cafe that you can bring your pug to or hang out with Cuppapugs’ resident pugs.

Resident pugs are on hand for belly rubs and snuggles and they love to meet new pugs so don’t forget to bring yours along if you have one. Cuppapugs’ pugs have all grown up together with the same toys and even sleep in the same bed.

The playground is designed to be a safe space environment and encourages play – we’re certain your dog will love the ball pit. When you’re done playing in the ball pit with the pugs, there’s pug-themed smoothies, hot drinks and snacks to sink your teeth into.

If you’re interested in adopting your own pug, Cuppapug has partnered with the National Pug Protection Trust and will regularly be at the cafe with cute pugs that need adopting.

Paws for Coffee


This dog-loving cafe loves dogs so much that dogs have their own doggy menu when they dine here.

Paws for Coffee’s doggy menu is full of treats; we know your dog will wag its tail over some of the pawlicious options including dog sausages, calves hooves and puppuccinos. For the hoomans there’s classic breakfast feasts like the Big Breakfast Wrap, and there’s plenty of veggie and vegan options available too.

Paws For Coffee is the best place to socialise your dog, with one on one tailored sessions, puppy and junior training and daycare and day school, your dog will be the best behaved pup in town.

Verve London Pet Boutique and Cafe

Notting Hill

A trip to Verve London Pet Boutique is an all-out pampering experience for your furry friend. Verve London is the most relaxing dog cafe in London with food, drink and doggy grooming services.

Verve’s holistic and stress-free grooming service uses the luxurious Le Pooch (as well as other organic brands) and has everything on offer from basic baths to teeth cleaning. And, when your doggy has finished being pampered, head over to the cafe and bar for cocktails, caviar and meat platters.

Thursday through Sunday Verve is open late and serves cocktails, champagne and proseccos – we’re sure your dog will love a late night session.

Love My Human Townhouse


Love My Human Townhouse started out as a pet boutique and luxury groomer before opening its first dog friendly restaurant in Chelsea. And we’re glad they did because it’s one of the best dog cafes in London.

You’ll find organic coffees and tea as well as a delicious menu of all day breakfast and lunch classics.

Of course, being a dog friendly restaurant there’s a doggy menu too. Dogs are seriously spoiled here, with a choice of beef wellington to beef bone marrow broths. All dog meals are

made with human grade ingredients and certified by a qualified dog nutritionist.

Mr and Mrs Small


Dog cafe and accessories boutique, Mr and Mrs Small in Marylebone is the cutest puppy cafe in London.

Featuring a family-size doggy day care and grooming salon we’re sure your furry friends will like it here. The expert team here are dog crazy and will make sure to give your dog a personalised, balanced and playful experience.

For humans there’s coffee, cakes, pastries and breakfast deals to enjoy whilst your dog is spoiled with treats and toys and a grooming session. Leave your dog in the doggy daycare if you need a few hours break, the expert team will make your dog feel right at home.

King’s Dog Daycare & Cafe


We’re certain that King’s Dog Daycare & Cafe will become you and your dog’s home away from home.

Located in the heart of Chelsea, King’s Dog Daycare & Cafe pampers pooches with full grooming sessions, doggy facials and nail clipping. This friendly London dog cafe is the best place for you and your dog to hang out and meet other pups whilst enjoying coffee and pastries.

This trendy London dog cafe also sells dog accessories so your dog can leave here feeling pampered and with new stylish accessories.

Barkney Wick

Hackney Wick

Dogs go barking mad over a visit to Barkney Wick. This is one of the best London dog cafes with a menu to suit both humans and pups. And can we just say that we are totally in love with Yentl.

Furry friends can chow down on pupachinos, Lick & Mix and a whole load of tasty dog treats. Humans can enjoy Dark Arts coffee, pastries and a delicious lunch menu. Barkney Wick also has some treats to take home with you, from Beco toys enrichment chews and eco friendly pampering products.

Barkney Wick’s daycare services range from full to half day sessions as well as pick up and drop off services. For young pups, Barkney Wick’s acclimatisation sessions are the best way to socialise your dog before it can enjoy the dog walk service available.

Practical Tips for Visiting London’s Dog Cafes

  • If you’re taking your dog to a dog cafe, make sure your dog has been socialised and is comfortable around other dogs.
  • Some of the cafes offer a socialising service for puppies and junior dogs, which is a good place to start if this is your dog’s first time meeting other furry friends.
  • All of these dog cafes are more than happy for non-dog owners to come and visit, in fact lots of want-to-be dog owners do this before getting a dog of their own.

Dog Cafes in London: Map

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