Maltipoo Breed Information Guide: Photos, Traits, & Care (2023)

50% Maltese, 50% poodle, and 100% adorable cuddle buddy, the maltese poodle, or Maltipoo, is a tiny toy dog for the masses. As playfully active as they are petite, these hybrid hounds will steal your heart and your last chicken nugget if you’re not paying attention.

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Bred as the perfect house pet, Maltipoos combine the sweet and sensitive nature of the Maltese with the shed-free coat of the poodle. If you need a lap-warmer, a nap partner, or a cutie-patootie to strut around the neighborhood with, you’ve found your match in this hybrid breed.

Breed Overview

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  • Height: 8–14 inches
  • Weight: 5–19 lbs
  • Lifespan: 10–15 years
  • Breed Size: Small
  • Colors: White, cream, apricot, and other less common colors
  • Good With: Kids, other dogs, cats
  • Temperament: Affectionate, attached, sensitive

Also Known As…

Maltepoo, multipoo, mal-t-poo, and any number of other spelling variations. “Ye Ancient Dogge of Malta.” The goodest thing that comes in the smallest package.

What Is The History Of The Maltipoo?

To understand the history of this designer dog breed, you first need a crash course on its parent dog breeds: the poodle and the purebred Maltese.

Poodles have a contested history, but most experts believe they were first bred in Germany a few hundred years ago.1 These wooly wünderkinds were retriever-type dogs that excelled in wet ‘n’ wild situations. They are even one of the dogs that shed the least. Poodle love spread from Germany to France, then to the rest of Europe, and eventually to the US, where these pups remain wildly popular. During this cultural exchange, they were bred smaller and smaller. The result? Miniature and toy poodles.

The purebred Maltese is a small white dog named for the island of Malta, but there’s some debate as to whether they came from there or another nearby island.2 No matter where they originated, it’s clear that Maltese-like dogs have been around for thousands of years (often on the laps of royalty). However, the modern breed we know today was first recognized in America in 1888. They are also one of the dog breeds that live the longest.

It’s hard to say when maltipoo breeders started pairing poodles with Maltese pups, but it seems to be a relatively recent phenomenon.3 The general consensus is that this mixed breed, the maltipoo, probably appeared on the scene about 20 to 30 years ago.

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How Big Do Maltipoos Get?

Height: 8–14 inches

Weight: 5–19 pounds

How Long Do Maltipoos (Generally) Live?

Small dogs usually take the crown for the longest lifespan, and this pint-sized dog breed lives among royalty in this regard. Take care of your maltipoo, and you’ll usually see them thrive for 10–15 years.

What Is A Maltipoo’s Temperament & Personality Like?

Maltipoos are loving and fun-loving doggos that will quickly grow attached to you and your family. They are even one of the most popular poodle mixes. In some cases, they can wind up a little too attached. The maltipoo is known as a sensitive snuggle bug and may develop mild separation anxiety if you can’t devote enough of your time. Give them plenty of affection and attention, though, and they’ll return it in spades.

Are Maltipoos Good With Kids? Cats? Dogs?

The average Maltipoo is kind-hearted by nature, so you can count on this: if a kid, cat, or dog is friendly to your Maltipoo, they’ll be affable right back. However, larger dogs may scare the collar off a toy Maltipoo at first, so it’s best to supervise initial meetings and puppy playdates.

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Do Maltipoos Need A Lot Of Exercise?

Despite this companion dog breed’s diminutive size, these furry little balls of energy need a fair bit of exercise to keep from going stir-crazy. If you can slot two 15- or 20-minute walks into your daily schedule, you’ll be able to give your pup the physical activity they need.

Are Maltipoos Hard To Train?

Perhaps due to their poodle parentage, Maltipoos are usually trainable little tykes. These are fairly intelligent furballs, so any misunderstanding is probably intentional.

As with all dogs, the recipe for training success involves a pinch of patience, a pitcher of praise, and several heaping handfuls of treats. And remember, the sooner you start with obedience training, the better.

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Do Maltipoos Have Health Issues?

Because Maltipoos are selectively bred from two distinct breeds, there’s a larger gene pool available. A bigger pool often means fewer hereditary health issues.

With that said, Maltipoos are still susceptible to certain conditions, including:4

  • Epilepsy
  • Collapsing trachea (a weak or pinched windpipe)
  • Patellar luxation (kneecap issues that can cause arthritis)
  • Retinal atrophy (which can lead to blindness)
  • Colitis (inflamed colon)
  • White shaker syndrome (tremors associated with their coat color)

Are Maltipoos Hypoallergenic?

You betcha, the Maltipoo is a hypoallergenic dog—and we love them for it! Because they’re half poodle, Maltipoos don’t shed.

Keep in mind that if you’re super allergic to dogs, any dog breed can set you a-sneezing and a-scratching; Maltipoos still have dandruff and saliva, after all.

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How Much Does It Cost To Care For A Maltipoo?

If you’re planning to be one of the Maltipoo owners, not counting the cost to adopt your adorable little guy, you’re looking at about $1,200+ per year to care for your Maltipoo pup.

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A tiny mouth means a tiny belly—and that means a tiny appetite. Maltipoos only need about a cup of food each day, so a monthly supply of high-quality dog food should run you ~$25.

Looking to feed your Maltipoo the best of the best? How about dog food made just for them, delivered to your door every month? With a BARK Eats subscription, you’ll receive a perfectly portioned bag of food every four weeks. Get 50% off your first month!

Routine Vet Care (Healthy Dog)

Vet visits aren’t just for sick animals. Healthy Maltipoos need regular checkups, too—at least twice a year, ideally. Your typical costs might look like this:

  • Vet fees (~$50 per visit)
  • Vaccines ($20–30 per dose)
  • Heartworm testing (~$40 each time)

Preventative Medications for Maltipoos

One way to keep tomorrow’s vet costs down is to tackle potential issues today. Preventative medicine for Maltipoos usually means anti-flea medication ($100 per year).

Maltipoo Grooming

Because of their poodle-y heritage, Maltipoo’s don’t shed. You’ll have to take them to the groomer for a trim and a wash every few months instead. Thankfully, these lil’ fluff balls don’t need much shampoo; expect to spend $40–50 per visit.

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Toys, Treats, Beds, & Accessories

Treats and toys keep your Maltipoo happy and high-spirited. Here’s a sample budget to give you an idea of what you might spend on extras and essentials for this small dog breed:

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  • Plush toys ($45)
  • Tasty treats ($40/year)
  • A small dog bed ($30–50)
  • A leash and collar ($30)
  • Basic grooming supplies ($80)

Tired of the same old toys? Your Maltipoo might be, too. Treat your best friend to something special with BarkBox. For $23/month, you’ll find 2 toys, 2 treat bags, and a meaty chew at your front door every month. And if Fido has sharp teeth, spend $29/month for 2 durable toys, 2 full-sized bags of treats, and 2 tasty chews in every shipment. Plus, double your first box for free!


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Maltipoo Breed Information Guide: Photos, Traits, & Care? ›

The Maltipoo is intelligent and easily adaptable, and these both play a role in how we define their personality and temperament. They are not aggressive or rough pets, and are very gentle and loyal. Some Maltipoos are lap dogs, some are not. But they do enjoy being near their beloved humans at all times.

What are the best traits of a Maltipoo? ›

The Maltipoo is intelligent and easily adaptable, and these both play a role in how we define their personality and temperament. They are not aggressive or rough pets, and are very gentle and loyal. Some Maltipoos are lap dogs, some are not. But they do enjoy being near their beloved humans at all times.

What do I need to know about owning a Maltipoo? ›

Maltipoos generally get along with other dogs and pets. Maltipoos can do well in apartments and homes alike. They have high energy levels indoors. Maltipoos are companion dogs and may suffer from separation anxiety if they're frequently left alone for long periods.

Are Maltipoos easy to take care of? ›

Easy to train and easy to love, Maltipoos are a great choice for a first-time dog owner or animal lover.

What are the pros and cons of a Maltipoo? ›

Maltipoos make a great family dog. They are loving, gentle, and playful. However, since Maltipoos are smaller dogs, they could easily be injured by a toddler or younger child who doesn't know the correct way to play with a dog. For this reason, this breed is best for homes with slightly older children.

Do Maltipoos bond with one person? ›

Allow everyone in the house to bond with your Maltipoo.

Maltese are prone to hyper-bonding with one individual, which makes Maltipoos prone to this tendency too. In a family scenario, it's important to make sure everyone divides feeding, training, and walking responsibilities.

What is typical Maltipoo behavior? ›

Maltipoo Personality and Temperament

Maltipoos are friendly, outgoing dogs. They are gentle with kids, adults, seniors, and other pets—as long as they've been properly socialized. While Maltipoos make great companions for single people or families, they can experience separation anxiety if left alone for too long.

Is a Maltipoo a good house dog? ›

As a social dog who thrives off of companionship, Maltipoos do equally well in large houses or small apartments— they even do well in city settings. These dogs are additionally a great choice for first-time pet parents.

Are Maltipoo dogs easy to potty train? ›

With continual training, it usually takes 2 to 3 months for a puppy to be completely house trained. Owners should have reasonable expectations, take their Maltipoo outside frequently and reward them for their successes. A 4 month old has a limit of 4 hours…and so on…

How often should you bathe a Maltipoo? ›

it may seem like a good idea to wash your puppy or dog as often as possible, to keep them clean. Or you may be weary of giving baths too often because you've heard it can dry out the coat. The right timing will be to give your Maltipoo a bath once every 3 weeks.

What is bad for Maltipoos? ›

Toxic Foods

Grapes and raisins: This healthy fruit for humans can be very dangerous to your Maltipoo, causing serious kidney damage in even small amounts. Onions: These can destroy a dog's red blood cells. This is one reason why giving tablescraps is not a good idea; onions are found in many foods.

What is the life span of a Maltipoo? ›

The average Maltipoo lifespan is between 12-16 years.

Although the average lifetime of all canines is between 10 and 13 years, smaller dogs, such as the Maltipoo, have a somewhat longer life expectancy. You might also be interested to know that female dogs live roughly 1 to 1.5 years longer than male dogs.

Can Maltipoo stay home alone? ›

Maltipoos can stay at home alone. However, as with most dogs, it isn't really recommended for extended periods. Most owners claim that their Maltipoo does okay at home on their own.

What are some important facts about Maltipoos? ›

Maltipoo is a dog breed that has quickly grown popular despite still being fairly new. It originated a mere 30 years ago in the 1990s in the USA. It is a cross between a Maltese terrier and a toy or miniature poodle. Maltipoos were bred specifically with the intention of creating a dog that is small and affectionate.

Do all Maltipoos bark a lot? ›

While both the Maltese and the Toy Poodle are sometimes said to be barkers, neither breed has a very bad reputation for being an excessive barker. These two breeds are neither hunting dogs or watchdogs. So looking at this purely by the breed, the Maltipoo is not an excessive barker.

What is the rarest Maltipoo color? ›

The most common Maltipoo colors are white, cream, and apricot. The rarest Maltipoo colors include darker solid colors like black and brown, and patterns like sable, phantom, and tri-color. Additionally, there's the extremely rare merle Maltipoo, which is almost impossible to find.

What is the longevity of a Maltipoo? ›

The average Maltipoo lifespan is between 12-16 years.

Although the average lifetime of all canines is between 10 and 13 years, smaller dogs, such as the Maltipoo, have a somewhat longer life expectancy. You might also be interested to know that female dogs live roughly 1 to 1.5 years longer than male dogs.


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